Why Is My Solar Hot Water Is Leaking!

So your solar hot water tank is leaking and you’re worried that it’s broken?

This could be from numerous different causes and most likely its just doing what its designed to do.

Our Most Common Top 3 Reasons are:

My System is Dumping

This is due to the system overproducing more hot water than you’re using. So it needs to dump the excess so the tank does not overheat or pressurise. To solve this simply use more hot water. i.e Run all the taps on hot for a few minutes.

The Faulty Valve

The valve which releases water from the tank whens it’s over heating can become jammed and stuck open which means water will keep coming out until repaired.

Tank Has Burst

If the water is coming out consistently over a long period of time it is likely that the tank has failed. This could be because the tank has either burst or breached due to rust.

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