What Is A Hot Water Tariff?

In Queensland the time of the day a hot water system heats can vary according to what tariff you’re on. It’s important people have the right tariff to match the right hot water system or they could run out of hot water or incur a large bill.

There are 3 different types of tariffs available for hot water system.

Tariff 11 (On Peak)

This is a 24/7 tariff that runs all day and night this allows your hot water systems to heat at any time. This is the most expensive tariff because you are still heating during peak demand.

Tariff 33 (Control Load)

On average tariff 33 will give 18 hours of hot water everyday but power is not guaranteed. If power is in great demand in your area the power company can chose to cease power to your address until demand on the network has reduced. Expected running times is 11 pm until 7 am and for approximately 5 hours during the day. For people who use a lot of hot water in the mornings this tariff is excellent as it allows your hot water system to recover for the evening at a discounted rate.

Tariff 31 (Night Tariff/ Off Peak)

This has the cheapest rate of all the tariffs as it only allows the system to heat from 11 pm to 7 am. If you have a small hot water system we do not recommend this tariff because if you use all the hot water in the morning it cannot re-heat until 11 pm. We also would not suggest heat pumps for tariff 31 as heat pumps work more efficiently during the day when there’s more heat.


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