How do Goverment solar rebates work?

How do Goverment solar rebates work?

How Do Government Solar Rebates Work?

The Government Solar Rebates based on STC”S (Small Technology Certificates).

The higher the Solar Power or Solar Hot water system is rated for energy efficiency the higher the STC’s awarded.

Each STC has a dollar value that fluctuates according to the solar market. The rebate value can vary from $10 to $40 per STC, the greater the written value the greater the discount.

A very simple way to see energy-efficient the system is to ask how many STC’s the Government has rated it. Most rebates are normally discounted off the price upfront of the consumer and traded by the retailer.

What is a hot water tariff?

What is a hot water tariff?

What Is A Hot Water Tariff?

In Queensland the time of the day a hot water system heats can vary according to what tariff you’re on. It’s important people have the right tariff to match the right hot water system or they could run out of hot water or incur a large bill.

There are 3 different types of tariffs available for hot water system.

Tariff 11 (On Peak)

This is a 24/7 tariff that runs all day and night this allows your hot water systems to heat at any time. This is the most expensive tariff because you are still heating during peak demand.

Tariff 33 (Control Load)

On average tariff 33 will give 18 hours of hot water everyday but power is not guaranteed. If power is in great demand in your area the power company can chose to cease power to your address until demand on the network has reduced. Expected running times is 11 pm until 7 am and for approximately 5 hours during the day. For people who use a lot of hot water in the mornings this tariff is excellent as it allows your hot water system to recover for the evening at a discounted rate.

Tariff 31 (Night Tariff/ Off Peak)

This has the cheapest rate of all the tariffs as it only allows the system to heat from 11 pm to 7 am. If you have a small hot water system we do not recommend this tariff because if you use all the hot water in the morning it cannot re-heat until 11 pm. We also would not suggest heat pumps for tariff 31 as heat pumps work more efficiently during the day when there’s more heat.


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Why is my solar hot water is leaking?

Why is my solar hot water is leaking?

Why Is My Solar Hot Water Is Leaking!

So your solar hot water tank is leaking and you’re worried that it’s broken?

This could be from numerous different causes and most likely its just doing what its designed to do.

Our Most Common Top 3 Reasons are:

My System is Dumping

This is due to the system overproducing more hot water than you’re using. So it needs to dump the excess so the tank does not overheat or pressurise. To solve this simply use more hot water. i.e Run all the taps on hot for a few minutes.

The Faulty Valve

The valve which releases water from the tank whens it’s over heating can become jammed and stuck open which means water will keep coming out until repaired.

Tank Has Burst

If the water is coming out consistently over a long period of time it is likely that the tank has failed. This could be because the tank has either burst or breached due to rust.

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Glass Enamel Vs Stainless Steel Tanks

Glass Enamel Vs Stainless Steel Tanks

Glass Enamel VS Stainless Steel

There is lots of different opinions on whether Stainless Steel is better than Glass Enamel to help you see through the confusion we will advise you of the pros and cons of each.

Glass Enamel is by far the most common type of tank in Hot Water Systems. More than 80% of electric, solar and gas storage systems use a glass enamel lined tank.


  • Glass enamel is extremely resistant

  • Cheaper to manufacture

  • Handles high temperatures


  • Requires change of anodes to prevent rusting

  • Last only up to 15 years

  • Anode to be replaced every 5 years at extra cost

  • Heavier

Stainless Steel is the most popular and more premium product used for hot water system tanks.


  • Drastically lighter

  • Rust Resistant (no anode required)

  • Generally lasts longer

  • Stronger material

  • Less likely to have issues


  • More expensive

  • Different grades have different levels of quality

  • Lower grades can last less time than a glass enamel

Glass enamel is still very good value providing you can remember to replace the anode, it’s worth spending the extra on stainless steel providing its a high grade stainless steel.

The Envirosun system provided by Todd’s uses market-leading 444 gauge steel, not only does it have superior strength, it allows for superior expansion and contraction.

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Roof Mounted vs Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems

Roof Mounted vs Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems

Roof Mounted VS Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems

Theirs a lot of contradicting information out there regarding what’s the best system.

The two main types of systems are a Roof Mounted System where the tank sits on the roof with the panels or a Split System where the tank sits on the ground.

What’s most suitable for my house?

First of all, you need to consider what type of roof you have provided the roof is structurally solid enough that it can take the weight then both options are suitable. If space is very limited on the roof then a split system may be your only option as they take up less room having the tank on the ground.

Access to the house can be an issue for a roof-mounted system as the crane truck is required to lift the tank on the roof providing the truck can get close enough one or two stories is not a problem.

Some people prefer the split system because they do not like the look of a tank on the roof. As a general rule roof mounted systems are slightly more affordable and more reliable as the system is run off gravity and heat convection. Split systems have the advantage of easier access to the tank as its on ground level.

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