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Market-leading energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of a system is based on STC’s (small technology certificates), the more STC’s, the higher the Govt has rated the systems energy efficiency. The more efficient, the less power you use and the higher the savings. (STS rating based on being installed in zone 3)

Rheem – 30 STC’s

Rheem 52L300

Solarhart – 28 STC’s

Solarhart 302L


Envirosun TS300

Pioneering the first 444 stainless steel solar hot water tank in Australia

444 gauge is the strongest stainless steel tank in Australia, this was pioneered by Envirosun. Tanks are manufactured in Holland then precision welded in Australia. Stainless steel tanks do not rust internally like standard glass enamel tanks. This means they do not require a sacrificial anode to be replaced every 5 years to avoid rusting prematurely. Our 444 stainless steel tanks are so robust that they way outlast a standard tank. Why get a standard stainless steel tank when you could get a 444 gauge stainless steel tank for less.

Super heat absorbant & corrosion resistant copper collectors

The system comes with Chrome copper collectors rather than a more standard aluminium. Copper is twice as efficient in absorbing heat compared to aluminium. Copper provides superior resistance to corrosion specifically when in a high salt ocean spray environment. The black copper absorber is also treated with a highly selective surface called “Black Chrome” to provide maximum efficiency to absorb energy & stop re-radiation to keep heat in the panel. The copper absorber panels is ultrasonically welded to a copper riser to create a seamless bond for the most efficient heat retention. 

Super efficient absorber surface

Our absorber plates are state of the art for energy absorption and retention. Rather than being electroplated just once they are done twice, firstly they are coated with bright nickel then retreated again with black chrome. Our black chrome absorbers are 20% more efficient compared to non treated absorbers.

Market Leading Manufacturers Warranty

10-year tank and 7 years on the panels

5 Star Review Rating!

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